Nov 20, 2020

U5 Tech Updates & Tips for November

 Take a look at the November U5 Tech Tips!  

Alarm Me Extension - Great for Remote Learning

Great little tool for students/teachers and whoever else needs this to keep them on track during remote learning..   Brought to me by Carlie Newton... our Counselor at CJHS.   

Turn off the Alarm by finding and clicking on this icon in the upper right of the Extensions Bar.

Then select the X to turn off the alarm!  Quick and Easy! 

Forgot to add the turning off in the video. 

YouTube Links POP-UP with NO Ads TRICK

Every time I send a YouTube video I look on the right side for the types of vides that are going to display when teachers or students watch.  Students get distracted from what they are supposed to be doing very quickly, so here is a little U5 Tech Tip I recently learned about!  Check out this video as well Peardeck vs Nearpod Tutorial!  

How to setup your YouTube to share in Full Screen Mode:

Nov 16, 2020


OH my!  We have been using add-ons like EasyBib for awhile now for citations.  This internal tool is a game changer for Google when writing papers and showing students how to correctly cite their resources.  Take a look at the video below by Shake Up Learning.

Nov 12, 2020

Bitmoji Murder Mystery for Students!

Creating a Bitmoji is so much fun.  You get to make it look a lot like you or nothing at all.  When I was creating our Coaches Corner Bitmoji heading, it was fun getting all the Bitmoji's from everyone and to see how much they all look like the people who made them.  So, I decided I needed to join the FB Group Bitmoji Craze for Educators.  Once I did that, the ideas started coming in and the help from other educators when needed.  Many times you will have several educators who had the same issue and knew how to fix it. I think one of the best things about this group and the others I have joined is the PLN I have developed.  What is your favorite PLN group? Fill out the form!  Look at the results!

Murder Mystery Trailer:  What a great trailer, created by Tania Tasneem.

Murder Mystery Activity: Created by Frances Elizabeth
  • You have to join the Group to get the Activity
  • All Slides can be COPIED and EDITED.
  • All Worksheets can be COPIED and EDITED.
  • Adjust the Characters for your own mystery.
While you are on there, please tell them what you did to yours and share it out so others have different ideas they can select from. 

Nov 10, 2020

Connecting the DOTS (Distant, Online Teachers & Students


Connecting the Dots is a webinar series and website designed to support teachers and families in navigating the uncharted terrain of remote and hybrid learning during COVID-19. Brought to you by Illinois State University's College of Education, and open to all, this site is here to provide the latest approaches positively influencing teaching and learning. 

On the Connecting the DOTS website, you will find 10 Considerations for Remote and Hybrid Learning. For each topic you will see resources curated by ISU's College of Education faculty, and an upcoming free webinar that can be joined to talk with fellow educators who have promising practices to share.

Educators can register for the webinars at the Connecting the DOTS website.

Resource from ROE #17 Newsletter

Nov 9, 2020

Windows Video Editor for Teachers

Using Windows video editor is pretty easy to learn and use. The question is, why?  Well take a look at this video and find out why you may want to use this handy tool during our Remote/Hybrid learning days.  

Nov 5, 2020

iPhone Users - Notes as a Scanner

Did you know.....

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can use the notes app to scan a document and send it to whoever you want.  This has been a lifesaver for our family, as there have been several things lately we have needed to print, scan and send off.  Watch the screen record to see how easy it is. 

Oct 23, 2020

U5 Tech Updates & Tips

Trying something new this year.... as we have had a lot of change over the last several years and this blog has been neglected.  We are going to try to correct that.  Take a look at the first Monthly version of the U5 Tech Updates.   More fun learning tips will be posted weekly. 

Jul 28, 2020

Are You Investing in New Technology for this School Year?

As I sit and read this article published by Richard Byrne, I realize it will probably answer many of your questions on what to get if you need to invest in new tech as we move forward with our Hybrid school year.  

I have already invested in a tripod that will hold my cell phone so I can do videos.  Click on the link above and read what he suggests to get this school year started.