Oct 4, 2012

Important Google Drive Updates!

For Students

Students often have difficulty managing the uploading and downloading of files from Google Drive.  In an effort to make this process much more simple, students can now download the Google Drive App for PC on their computer.  This will put a set of folders on the computer which automatically sync with their folders in Google Drive.  Now students can simply save their work to this folder, and know that it will be copied directly to their Google account.  They can also open all of their documents from this location, edit them, and save over their previous version.  You can find detailed directions on how to have students download this application from Stuview here.  This has been tested in various classrooms throughout the district, and the feedback from both teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive.Google drive folder structure

For Staff

Staff now have access to their own Unit 5 Google Account.  This account offers access to Google Drive, Contacts, and Calendar.  If you choose to use your Google account you can look forward to the following possibilities...

  • See exactly what your students see when they utilize their Google account.  You can more easily troubleshoot issues that arise for your students.

  • Share a folder with your students.  Anything added to this folder will automatically appear in your students Google Drive.

  • Have your students share their course folder with you so that you always have access to the files that they have there.

  • Create Google documents that can be shared with colleagues and worked on collaboratively.

  • Back up your H: drive and have access to your school files from any computer with Internet access.


You can access your Google account in the following ways...

1.  Access the Unit 5 specific version of Google

  • Go to Staffview (sign in off-site using your email address and password)→ choose your level → click on the Google Drive icon at the top of the page

  • Enter your Unit 5 user name and Abcd1234 as your password


2.  Go to Google

  • From the main Google page, click on the sign in button

  • Use your Unit 5 username@myunit5.org and Abcd1234 as your password

  • Once signed in, you can click on the Drive option along the top of the page.


You can then change your password by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner → Account → Security → Change Password

If these methods do not work, please fill out a helpdesk ticket in order to have your account set up.  There will be groups of staff members (ie. IMC specialists) who will need to do this process. 

Finally, staff have access to download the same Google Drive App for PC that was described in the student section.  Because of our permissions on the network, staff members can simply download the App directly from Google Drive.  The steps outlined for students will also work for staff members.

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