Mar 7, 2013

Using Google Drive for Literature Circles

My 7th Grade Literature class was joined by Amber O’Day, Technology Coach, who partnered with me to get students organized in their Google drive and use Google Docs for an online literature discussion. She took the lead role on Thursday and guided each student to set up folders in their Google drive for our team and each subject. Each student also created a Lit. Circle folder within their Literature folder. A lead student was chosen, while others gathered around the computer to demonstrate how to create and share a document with others. After each group created a shared folder and document, I typed two discussion questions into the shared document.

On Friday, students returned to the shared document to answer the questions and respond to each other. Students began by keying in their name on a bullet under the question to answer and respond to one other student. Students were taught how to use the provided bullets and choose a font color for their answers. They were then taught how to respond to a group member with an indented bullet. This activity allowed them to work on writing good responses, as well as discuss their common novel.

Mrs. O’Day instructed the first two periods while I assisted. I took the lead for the 3rd period as she assisted me. I was able to do the last period on my own. Overall it was a very successful activity and reinforced the Google Drive/Documents terminology while working on writing and discussion objectives.

In addition to the Lit. Circle discussion, I also created a Google Form on books for the next Lit. Circle session. This form is located on my website if you want to take a look. After having the students fill out the survey, I met with Mrs. O’Day again and we will be tweaking it to make it a little easier to sort by hour and student name. Overall the survey made it very easy to place students in their new lit circle groups.

Mrs. Coyle – PJHS 7th Grade Literature Teacher

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