Apr 5, 2013

Map of Free WiFi to Unit 5 Students

As technology becomes more and more available to our students, teachers are often stuck with a nagging question; "How much can I expect my students to be able to do online outside of my classroom?"  Although this is not a direct answer to that question, I thought it would be valuable to make available a map of free WiFi for the students of Unit 5.  Now, families will have a resource (in the form of an interactive Google map) for finding the nearest free WiFi hotspot in their area.  This is by no means a finished product, and I encourage anyone who knows of a spot that is not currently listed to contact me so that we can put it on the map!  In fact, the true value of this resource will not be realized unless community members get involved in building the map.  The map can be found on the Unit 5 district home page in the Digital Conversion section under the Parents Technology Corner.

[caption id="attachment_1401" align="alignnone" width="285"] Click on the image to view the interactive map.[/caption]

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