Nov 19, 2013

Going Paperless in Language Arts

Google Drive



Gone are the days of lost papers!   Students can now use Google Drive to keep their work organized in Language Arts.


Benefits of using Google Drive in Language Arts:

      1. Students can keep work organized and not have to worry about misplacing loose papers.

      2. Students can go through the writing process without re-writing multiple drafts.

      3. Students can share drafts with their peers to peer conference.

      4. Students can have an electronic writer’s portfolio that can be kept over the years.

      5. Teachers can instantly view student work.

      6. Teachers can provide specific feedback for students to access.

Students began the year by creating a Language Arts folder.  For organizational purposes, students title their folder “Hour_Last Name_ First Initial– LA.”  I am then able to organize their folders alphabetically in my own Google Drive.   Students then shared this folder with me, so I am able to access their work at all times.   By sharing the folder, everything that is added within the folder throughout the year will automatically be shared with the teacher.  Within the Language Arts folder, students created a folder for each unit of study (narrative, informative, argumentative, poetry, article of the week and journal).

For each assignment, students create a new document within the correct unit of study’s folder.  By doing this, the teacher is not only able to access the document at any time to provide specific comments and feedback, but the student can also share the document with a peer to attain peer feedback.  The student is then able to keep track of both student and teacher comments on one document as they revise.  The teacher is also able to track student work to see if the student applied the feedback.

By using Google Drive, both students and teachers are able to efficiently communicate with one another and keep writing organized.

Alecia Evans
Kingsley Junior High School
Team 7-2 Language Arts

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