Sep 10, 2015

Microsoft Viewer in Google Apps

Office Viewer ICon

Do you have PowerPoints which have a lot of animation in them and when you transfer to a Google Presentation the animation gets lost?  Well here is a solution for you. Download the Google Drive app Office Viewer for Google Drive.  This app will allow students  who do not have Microsoft Products on their computer to view PPT presentations in full animation mode.


Go to the New Tab in Drive, More, Connect More apps.  In the search area key in Office Viewer  and several will pop up.  Select this one:

MS Office Viewer App




Once the app is installed you will open it.  In the upper LEFT hand corner click on the icon below and login to your Google Drive:

Microsoft View acces to google




Once access has been granted, you will be able to open any Microsoft PPT, Word or Excel docs.

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