Apr 8, 2016

Tech Talk: YouTube

Welcome to a new level of communication

We district and building technology coaches are always looking for new ways to collaborate with our colleagues from around the district.  We all have amazing ideas of how to use technology to improve student learning outcomes, and many of us implement these strategies in our classrooms.  But it can be difficult to share these techniques with others due to the vast logistical constraints place upon us all.  So we thought up a new system!  Read more, and see our first discussion after the jump!

What are Tech Talks?

Our goal is to convene once a month and have a discussion about current technology trends in education and how they can best be leveraged to benefit the students of McLean County Unit 5.  We will collaborate with building coaches, teachers, administrators, and more using Google Hangouts on Air and the live stream/archive will always be available on the dedicated Tech Talk page.

Tech Talk 1: YouTube

For our first Tech Talk, we convened two building coaches (a classroom teacher and an IMC specialist) and an administrator to discuss the value of YouTube for the whole U5 education community.  Below you will find a recording of the discussion as well as a companion Slides presentation with a breakdown of topics and links to relevant resources.

We have heard a lot of great feedback from teachers about this method of collaboration.  We hope you enjoy it as well.  If you have any topic suggestions, feedback, or comments please share!

Sean Mullins | Secondary Instructional Tech Coach

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