May 6, 2016

Google Comments: Getting e-mail Notification with Comments

I had a teacher ask about getting notifications on comments to/from student papers. I showed her this little trick which will send an e-mail notification each time a student leaves a new comment on their paper or adds to a comment the teacher has provided.  Check out the details.

When you select the comment feature, (Right)
then place a plus (+) sign in the comment box and start keying in the name of the person/student they will pop up if they are in your Google (GAFE) directory.  If they are not, you can just add their entire e-mail and it will send.  Remember for students in our GAFE directory, searching by name and not by their user number will be the easiest way to obtain e-mail addresses. 

Once you have added the  plus (+) sign with the comment you will then see the notification pop up in your inbox with the comments.  If a comment has been resolved, then a notification will also appear.