Dec 5, 2016

YouTube Video Editor Trick!

One of the questions that I get all of the time is regarding video editing for student projects.  My go-to suggestion these days is the YouTube video editor.  There is nothing wrong with Movie Maker (the age old standard), but there are some advantages to the YouTube editor that I would like to outline.  You may find something here that you like and inspires you to try it out with your students or personal projects!

Streamline the recording & uploading flow

I go in and out of many classrooms these days and see students still recording video on flip cameras and hand-held video cameras.  Once recorded, these video files must be removed from the recording device, transferred to a computer, and then imported into the video editor of choice.  With YouTube, there is an easier way!
The traditional way

Using a personal device (so right here I know this may not be for everyone, but I have been in enough classrooms to know that phones are becoming very widespread for our students), a student can access their school YouTube account (this is their Google account), record from the app, and have the clip upload directly into their YouTube account.  No wires, no adaptors, no hassel.
The YouTube way

Working in collaborative groups

Another struggle with Movie Maker is the inability for students to all access the same editable file across multiple accounts.  This tends to leave one student as the "keeper of the project", with the others unable to contribute unless they are working together in class.  That is a paradigm that can begin to shift with the YouTube editor and workflow.

One option available to you through your YouTube account is to create as many unique channels as you wish.  Additionally, as the owner of these channels you can add "managers" to the channel.  These users can access the channel, upload to the channel, and edit the same videos together!  So you can create a "Group A" channel, assign your "x" number of students in Group A to the channel, and then they can all record videos on their individual devices, upload them instantly to the same Group A channel, and edit the same final product at their leisure.  If Johnny is gone today, no problem!  Anyone in the group can access and edit the video file!

This also opens up neat filming possibilities.  Imagine the same scene being filmed by two different students from two different angles at the same time.  Once those two clips are uploaded to YouTube, they can be edited in such a way to make jump cuts between the same events during the scene.  Try doing that through the old method!

Record the same scene from multiple angles!

If you would like assistance with this process, please contact your instructional technology coach today!

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