Mar 12, 2018

Extensions, Extensions and more extensions!

Try some of these extension and tools from Alice Keeler. Remember to check out her blog! Each extension is linked to the webstore where you can read about what it does and add to chrome. Have other great extensions? Let us know about them.

Alice Keeler Webstore:
Other Great Extensions:
  • Eqatio - Yes, it is available in the Unit 5 Webstore for students already!  Teachers get full version FREE - Students do not. This extension makes it so easy to enter a problem into a slide or doc even a Google form.  You can even speak it into the slide so you don’t have key it in each time. Love this!
  • Equatio/Read Write FREE for TEACHERS  Scroll down and fill out the information.  If you already have Read-Write for Teachers for free then you are already enrolled you just need to login with your school e-mail.  If not you can register to get the free Teachers version for both of these at the same time.
  • Tab Scissors/Tab Glue - Split your screen in a side by side mode and glue it back together when ready.
  • Tab Cloud - Allows you to save links and open those links up in a new Chrome Window. Great for CICO and bloggers you follow.
  • Desmos - Graphing App - can be used and then use the Quickshare screenshot to take a picture of the graph.  Teachers and students can login with their Google Account
  • Insert Learning - Transform any online article into to an interactive read. Add video, questions, comments, highlight and share it out with your Google Classroom! Yes, it is available to students and teachers and students have to have the extension in order to do the activities.
  • Extensity- This extension allows you to manage all of your other extensions. I have so many that I add to chrome to try or to see how it works, and I need a way to easily turn them on and off. This allows me the flexibility and ease to run only what I want to.