Apr 4, 2018

PDF Candy

Well it is not real candy, but oh what fun it is to know you can convert a PDF to a Word doc then convert to a Google Doc. I learned about this site from Leslie Fisher, so a huge shout out to her! Using this PDF Candy you will take a PDF convert it so it is a usable within Google Docs. Once in Google Docs, you can push it out through Google Classroom and have your students highlight, insert comments, discuss the purpose of the article. Think of the possibilities.

Remember the post on extensions? Take this document one step further and publish it to the web, then use the Extension Insert Learning to make the once STATIC document into an INTERACTIVE document for students.

Now on the main page there are many tools to manipulate PDF’s, but if you click on Convert From, To, and other tools, there are way more. Take a look at the video below to see just how easy this is, then start playing with all the tools....