Sep 26, 2018

Rubric Grading in Google Classroom: New for Fall 2018

I have many assignments that I deliver via Google Classroom that need to be graded by using a rubric.  I will have even more of these as we continue to move towards Standards-Based Grading.  I've heard people talk about Orange Slice or Goobric/Doctopus, but it sounds like a lot of technical up front work that I am not comfortable with.  I need something simple, quick, and efficient.
Attaching a Google Doc version of your rubric to an assignment and choosing to Make a Copy for each student will enable a form of rubric grading that is flexible, fast, and powerful.

The new grading tool introduced into Google Classroom in the Fall of 2018 enables a new way to grade assignments while using rubrics.  Previously, a teacher would need to rely on Add-ons such as Orange Slice or Goobric/Doctopus in order to efficiently use rubrics in their grading workflow. Now, however, we have another option!

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to incorporate rubrics into your Google grading today!

Sean Mullins | Unit 5 Instructional Technology Coach | 2018