Nov 5, 2018

Read it to me! Help me write and Annotate it!

When you have students who struggle with reading and writing, it is important to have tools which support them.  We are very lucky in Unit 5 with our Assistive Technology and to have Ms. Nora Bardi.  She is amazing and works with teachers and students all over our district to ensure all our students have access to these amazing tools.

Read it to me! Snap and Read is an assistive technology software.  The one-button interface reads text aloud from any internet browser, Word, PDF files and other documents and programs.  Snap and Read can be loaded via our Unit 5 webstore and is available to ALL students and staff in our district.  We have also tested the program inside of Discovery Education and Amplify.  Both have reading capabilities, but with Snap and Read, students can slow down the pace of the reading.  Students can also go into their options and customize to personalize their experience.  Download now to create the ultimate reading experience.  You can also watch the following video to see how easy it is to use!

Did you also know that Snap and Read has a PDF editor within it?  This allows students to receive a PDF from the teacher and then annotate right on it.  Students will then be able to save it right back to their own Google Drive.  Here is a  video which shows you how to use it.

Help me write it! Co-Writer is an assistive technology software for writing.  This floating window predicts words, aides in phonetic spelling, grammar, and topic related vocabulary.  It can be used within Google Docs, Discovery Ed, Amplify and many more to help students construct meaningful sentences.  Co-Writer can be loaded via our Unit 5 webstore and is available to ALL students and staff in our district. Students have the availability to personalize their options to develop their best writing.

Do you know of a student who struggles with reading?  Students who struggle with decoding and processing words tend to hate reading... But what if you could give them the tools to make reading easier and more enjoyable?   Being a teacher of a children who have reading difficulty is hard because if the child could listen to the passage or book you know they would love it.  Learning Ally relieves the stress of a struggling readers and allows them to enjoy reading again.  Unit 5 is very lucky we have access to this program and our students are using it.  If you have never gotten students on Learning Ally here is a short video on how students get started.  Students must have a learning disability, low Map scores, or be in a reading intervention in order to qualify.

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