Sep 5, 2013

Google Drive Connects Your Personal Device to Your Professional Practice

*Keep in mind that this post only applies if your building has allowed the use of personal devices for educational purposes in the classroom


You have an amazing activity planned, and you want students to record their progress through photographs or video.  Many of them have phones with wonderful cameras that are easy to operate, but it is difficult for students to get those photos/videos from their phones to their computers.


Students can download the Google Drive App for their Apple/Android device, sign in using their Google Account credentials, take a photo/video through the app, and have it immediately appear in their Google Drive folder on their computer.  Likewise, they can upload directly to the app on their device for the photos/videos to appear in their Google Drive.

All you need to do for this process to work is to follow these simple directions...

  1. Your students will need to download the official Google Drive App for their Apple/Android device from their appropriate app store.

  2. Once they open the app, they would sign in using their Google Account credentials.

  3. All of their Google Drive files will then appear on their device.

  4. They can navigate to a specific folder, click the "+" button, and take a picture directly from the app.

    [caption id="attachment_1697" align="alignnone" width="199"]Drive Photo Upload Once the "+" button is pressed, this menu is displayed.[/caption]

  5. The picture will then be saved in this folder in their Google Drive.

  6. If they have the Google Drive App for PC downloaded on their computer, the photo will automatically be synced.


Using this technique, students can quickly and easily use a combination of their own devices and their district provided Google Account to add a new element into their learning experience.

You can also use this to quickly take a photo/video and have it appear to your students in a folder that you have shared with them!

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