Sep 18, 2013

Google Forms Makes P.E. Teachers Ecstatic

Find out how the P.E. teachers at EJHS used Google Forms to streamline a system that causes headaches every year.


At the beginning of each semester, Physical Education teachers at the Junior High level have their students fill out a Rules and Regulations form.  This makes the students and their parents aware of the expectations of P.E.  The teachers then file hundreds of documents away in case the student/parent signature ever needs to be referenced.  This becomes an organizational nightmare very quickly, not to mention all of the paper that is used!


Using Google Forms, a virtual version of this form can be created so that all of the information is stored digitally and no paper is used!

How We Did It:

First, we had to create the form (visible here).  This involved sitting down and deciding on the best way to take a paper form, which asked for check marks next to items to show agreement, and make it digital.  Parents needed to check each box as they progressed through the form to indicate that they understood the expectation, and then type their name at the end of the form.

[caption id="attachment_1772" align="alignnone" width="150"]A section from the P.E. Google Form A section from the P.E. Google Form[/caption]

The resulting data is stored in a Google Spreadsheet that can be filtered and sorted by P.E. teacher and class period.  No more filing cabinet full of forms to sift through when an issue arises!  Also, because the P.E. department will see nearly every student in the building during the course of the year, this process alone saved nearly two reams of paper.

~ Thank you to the P.E. department at EJHS for allowing me to work with you, and especially to Dana Curby, the brainchild of this wonderful process!

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