Sep 12, 2014

New Google Feature: Suggested Edits

With Suggested Edits mode, you can now delete, add, and alter your student's Google Docs in a protected mode that automatically creates suggestions.  When students receive their documents back, they can accept or reject the suggestions, or make their own alterations that closely mimic the suggestions.  If you are familiar with the Track Changes mode available in Microsoft Word, you'll feel right at home with Suggested Edits.

Here is an example of how it works.

  1. Student submits a Google Doc.  By default, the viewing mode is set at "Editing".  You will see this new icon in the upper right hand corner of the Google Doc.

Edit View

  1. You switch the viewing mode to "Suggesting".  The view mode button will change to a green color to indicate the new viewing mode.


  1. Add a comma, change the formatting, or replace a word.  Any of the edits that you now make to the paper will automatically create a comment box to the side of the Google Doc explaining what edit is being suggested.  These suggestions can be accepted, rejected, or replied to by the student.


This new format is great for teachers who found it cumbersome to always add a comment whenever they wanted to make a student aware of something that needed to be fixed.  Comments are still available when you want to get a complex thought across to your students.  Suggested edits provide a quick way for suggesting grammatical changes.

And don't forget, students can use this as well during peer editing!

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