Oct 23, 2014

Google Update: Unlimited Storage Coming!

Here's something that my have flown under your radar.  Late last month Google announced that it will be making a few improvements for schools who are a part of Google Apps for Education (like us).  You can read the official post here, but the most immediate, and impactful update is......unlimited storage.  Period.  No limits on how much can be stored in your Google Drive account.  That goes for students as well.  And if you're wondering about individual file size limits...2 TB.  That's terabytes.  That's means an individual file can now be as large as 600x your previous maximum for ALL of your files (30 GB).

If you have not already switched from using your H: drive to using Google Drive, this is one more reason to start that process.  Find a colleague in your department/grade level who has, and talk to them about the benefits.  Or, you can always talk to your building or district technology coach(s) to learn more.

Oh, and here's a link to the official Google blog entry that discusses some of the other updates (some of which may impact us down the road).

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