Oct 30, 2014

Finding and Using Google Drive Templates

Google Drive Templates

Have you ever wanted to use a template instead of creating a doc from scratch?  Well there is an abundance of them by simply searching for Google Drive Templates.  The sheer number of templates out there is sure to make your mouth water.   This is great if you want your students to search for and find a template which matches their personality and requirements of the project.

Google Drive Templates 2

Once you or your students search for and click on the link for Google Docs Templates, it will come up with the McLean County Templates Window.

This window indicates there are no McLean County Templates available, but we want the PUBLIC templates. Click on the Public Templates link.  This window will show you numerous templates which can be used immediately within your Google Dive.

Google Drive Templates 3

Choose from Most Users, to Highest Rating, or select a category specific to the template you are searching for.

Once you have discovered the template you want to click on USE THIS TEMPLATE.  It will open in Google Drive.  Rename your template and place in the folder of your choice.


Classroom Users:
If you are working with Google Classroom.  You can save to your drive then send the template of your choice to your students by selecting the make a copy for each student.  Happy Hunting!!!

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