Oct 1, 2015

Google Keep

I love using the Sticky Notes program on my Windows laptop.  Sometimes my screen would be filled with these reminders and checklists, all color coded using some system that I pretend to understand.

sticky notes
Not too far off from my normal Unit 5 checklist 

This system worked okay, but it did have limitations.
  • What if I was not on that specific computer?  My lists don't travel with me.
  • What if I wanted a checklist?  Not possible.
  • What if I wanted another person to see and co-edit my lists?  Not possible

Enter Google Keep.  All of the limitations presented above are solved with this district integrated organizational tool!  Take a look at the video below to familiarize yourself with how you could use Google Keep to facilitate educational opportunities.

Keep in mind (see what I did there...) that one of the great features of this system is that users can install the Google Keep app on their personal devices (phones/tablets/etc...) to keep track of their notes and reminders.  Students can use this to their advantage when sharing notes and collaborating with their peers!

Sean Mullins | Instructional Technology Coach

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