Oct 9, 2015

Google Sharing Pt. 2 - Public Link Sharing Ideas

So we can now link the public to any file that we store in Google Drive; wonderful, but what does that mean for your classroom?  Let’s take a look at some examples of this can be useful.

Google Files Can Now be Editable/Comment-able by Parents

You could always send out Google Forms to parents, but now you can provide links to editable Google docs/sheets/slides to them as well! If you wanted, you can allow them to make copies of these Google files as well.

Students Can Share Their Work More Freely

Imagine the scenario where Jane wants to share her creative writing project with her aunt to read.  Perhaps she wants another set of critical eyes to help improve the work, or she is simply proud of her accomplishment and wants her favorite family member to read what she has done.  Now she can provide the aunt with the link and regardless of whether the aunt has a google account, it is visible.  Remember that any work done on the document is still recorded in Revision History, so don’t worry about the aunt doing all the work and Jane taking credit!

Collaborate with Colleagues Outside of the District

Do you have a peer who works district 87, Olympia, Pontiac, or California?  Do you partner with local businesses, bring in speakers from the community, or collaborate with experts in your field from around the world?  Now you can share and collaborate on files with anyone!  Who will you connect and collaborate with?

Assignment Notebooks for Students/Parents

Do you or your team/grade level have a Google Doc or Sheet that you use to bring together assignments for your kids?  It’s a great method for teachers to be able to easily edit the document and add their assignments/daily work, and then have the document be visible to students.  Well, now you can put a link to that file someplace where your parents can access it as well.  Keep them in the loop and extend that assignment notebook to the parents as well!  This this link sharing format, you could allow commenting by your parents (which would be anonymous unless they signed into their personal Google accounts), or, by default, leave this option disabled.


Share PDF’s or Videos with the Community

If you create materials that would be useful for your parents to be able to view (PDF helpsheets, tutorial videos, flipped classroom videos, etc…), you can now link the community to these resources!  Make your classroom videos visible to parents to keep them in the loop!

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Sean Mullins | Instructional Technology Coach

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