Dec 3, 2015

Embed Video in Mastery Manager Questions!

Has there ever been a quick clip that you wanted to embed in your Mastery Manager assessment?  Does your class contain many visual elements that would benefit from videos in your assessments?  Would you like to model questions for your students in a format that will appear on the PARCC exam?  All of these things are now possible with the ability to embed video into your Mastery Manager assessments!

Imagine this scenario.  You are a PE teacher leading a unit on Dance.  For part of your assessment you want your students to view examples of dance that were conducted by yourself or other students, and pick out techniques, mechanics, and more!  This system is wonderful for any assessment that involves process rather than simple recall.  So how do you do it?

Google Drive Video Sharing

When a video is added to your district Google Drive account, you have the option to set its sharing permissions to "On - Anyone with the link".  You'll also want to make sure that the permissions are set to "Can view".


Now accessing this video does not require signing into a Google account.  The next step is to find a way to embed the video into a Mastery Manager question.

Embed Code in Google

To find the embed code for your video, you'll want to follow these steps.

  1. Open your video in Google Drive.

  2. Click on the Pop-Out icon in the upper right of the window.popout1

  3. In the new window that opens, click on the three-dots icon and choose "Embed item..."  This will open a popup window that contains the embed code that you need for Mastery Manager.  Copy this code (Ctrl+C).

Putting it Together in Mastery Manager

Now that we have the code, we can open a Mastery Manager item bank and create a new question (question type does not matter).  Click on the Source button and then paste your embed code into the response box.  You can adjust the size of the embedded video by changing the height and width values in the embed code.


When you are finished, click on the Source button again and scroll to the bottom and click Save.  The video will not preview correctly in your Layout screen, so for a preview of what it will really look like, jump over to the Preview menu.  If you do not like the size of the video, you can go back to your Layout screen, click the Source button, and adjust the height and width values until you are happy!


To see a very simple example live and in action, click here and use the test code K2ZPW, followed by any random set of numbers as your "student ID".  Let your instructional technology coach know how you would like to use this resource and we would love to sit down and work with you!

Sean Mullins | Instructional Technology Coach

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