Feb 11, 2016

Google Training Center

Have you been interested in learning more about maximizing your instructional use of Google and all that it has to offer?  Would you love to do that on your own time, at your own pace, from the people at Google themselves? How about having all of your time invested in this professional development tracked and your progress easily shareable with your evaluator?  The Google Training center is what you're looking for!

The Google Training center is designed by Google themselves to provide guidance and best practice instruction around their suite of tools.  There is a Fundamentals and Advanced course, as well as a separate area for training on devices (Chromebooks and Android devices).  The courses are not set up around specific tools, but instead are broken into the following categories

  • Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
  • Increase Efficiency and Save Time
  • Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
Within those three areas, there are mini lessons (such as, "Captivate Your Class with Video") which weaves together different traditional and Google tools.  The Fundamentals course keeps things simple, whereas the Advanced course gives you more unique tools to tap into even more potential learning opportunities.

At the Google Training Center, you sign in with your district Google account, and then it will keep track of all of the time that you have spent working through the different learning programs.  This progress can be printed, or saved digitally and used as an artifact in your evaluation.

Don't worry, I'm working my way through that Advanced Training!

And finally, if you finish your course and feel up to it, you can actually go through the certification process from here to become a Google certified educator!  So check out this great resource today!

Sean Mullins | Secondary Instructional Technology Coach

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