Mar 10, 2016

More uses for Google Hangouts!

PARCC testing has revealed a number of great uses for Google Hangouts among staff and administration.  See how it has been used this year to make testing just a bit easier (and more tolerable)!


How to best communicate when there is a problem during testing.


Using Hangouts, a teacher can instantly message a coach, guidance counselor, or admin to come assist with a problem that is occurring.  Even when email is reliably working (which we know was an issue this year), it is (a) not a fast and (b) does not necessarily send an alert to the helper's phone while they are running around the building.  Using Hangouts, I was able to efficiently assist teachers at EJHS during PARCC testing this year.


Is this a problem that everyone is having, or is it just me?


Outside of being able to contact a helper quickly, you can also set up a group message with your team or department who is testing at the same time as yourself.  If you come across a question that seems strange ("is this supposed to show a graph?") or a device issue ("scrolling doesn't work for everyone...why can't they select from the drop down menu?") you can send a message to your colleagues to see if they are experiencing the same issue.  If so, they may know a solution that they can quickly share with the rest of the group!  This increases efficiency and decreases the need for helpers to address a similar issue multiple times in different rooms.
Hangouts can be used in so many ways to make our teaching lives more efficient.  If you have a system that helps you, let us know in the comments below!

Sean Mullins | Secondary Instructional Technology Coach

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