Nov 13, 2012

Evans Campaign Commercials

While covering the 2012 Election, Evans 6th Grade students on Team Evangers worked on campaign commercials for their chosen candidate.  Groups studied strategies advertisers use to persuade others and their candidate’s political views.  Students then narrowed their focus of the topics they wanted to discuss and began writing scripts for their candidate.  Using the Small Wonder video camera the students recorded their campaign commercials throughout the building, using various settings and backdrops.   Once finished recording, Mrs. O'Day and I helped train the team on saving their video on Google Drive as well as MovieMaker and how to properly import, edit and enhance their work.  Students then finalized their video and uploaded their final product to CMS.  We shared some of our outstanding work with others at Evans Junior High during Election Week!  This activity was very relevant to current events and gave students a glimpse of what is involved behind the scenes in politics.  Our technology resources such as CMS, our laptops, Google Drive and MovieMaker made this election activity manageable and enjoyable for all!  To see examples of these projects please visit  the Middle School Tutorial Page on CMS, under Teacher's Corner. Scroll to the Movie Maker section and Student Samples. Enrollment code is oday. Here is a link directly to the page.

Jim Broach
6th Grade
Evans Junior High School


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