Nov 20, 2012

KJHS 7th Grade Study of 13 Colonies

During a study of the 13 Colonies and three regions, students In Mrs. Kindred’s class used various resources to research the founding of the 13 Colonies. It began with groups finding facts to complete a semantic feature analysis framework. This visual organizer encourages students to discover the relationship of categories. Each group researched: the colonies belonging in each region, religions, geography, climate, economics, politics, and famous people. Students listened and watched videos from Discovery Education, gathered facts from online sources, the textbook, and from class discussions. As a culminating activity, students created a Photostory based on the information learned about the 3 regions of Colonial America. Students developed a deeper understanding of the birth of America and how economics were determined by geography and climate.

Mrs. Kindred, 7th Grade Social Studies, KJHS

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