Nov 30, 2012

Grading Using Google Forms: Flubaroo

Imagine having a quick and simple way to grade formative assessments like homework or short quizzes.  I have used everything from Mastery Manager, CPS clickers, CMS, and the good old pen and paper to try to do this efficiently.  Now, using Google Forms, I have found the most seamless way to incorporate formative assessment grading and evaluation into my daily curriculum.

It's called Flubaroo...cute, no?

As a general overview...

  1. To use Flubaroo you first create a Google Form that contains your questions from your formative assessment, like your homework from the night before (or it can be the formative assessment itself).

  2. You fill in the form yourself to create an answer key.

  3. Students fill in the form.  They could be answering questions that they see on the form, or the form could simply be a generic place for them to input their answers from their homework the night before [Math teachers...I'm looking at you :) ]

  4. Google Forms collects all of those answers in a Spreadsheet for you.

  5. You install and run Flubaroo.  It grades the students work against your answer key.

  6. A new sheet is made that shows you a class overview, everyone's scores individually, highlights questions that are missed at a high frequency, and more!


Check out this official overview for more details, and watch the 3 minute clip below if you are interested.

As always, your district and building coaches can be contacted if you would like a hands-on demonstration!


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