Jan 15, 2013

Mastery Manager Updates

Two new features have been added to Mastery Manager that may have a direct impact on making your life easier!

  1. "Select All" when adding questions to and assessment from and item bank

  2. Request your username and password from Mastery Manager


Layout: Select All Questions/Number of Questions

While selecting questions to be added to an item bank assessment, the user can now click the Select all link to check at once all the questions from the current page  to be added. The user can also control the number of questions to be displayed for selection per page. These two new features will allow the user to more easily and quickly select and add questions to an item bank assessment.
Choose Questions: New Feature



Request Username/Password to Mastery Manager

Have you ever forgotten your username or password to log into Mastery Manager? Mastery Manager now has a way to allow you to request your username or reset password without going through your Mastery Manager administrator. Make sure your email address is entered through the home page and you will be able to request the username or password reset be sent to your email address on file.
Make sure your email address is entered on the home page. Check Subscribe and click the Update button.
Enter email address on home page
Click Forgot your username/password? on the login page to request your username or password.
Forgot your username/password?


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