Feb 10, 2015

Have an Old Test...Upload and Use It!

You asked for it, they delivered.  In one of the coolest updates we have seen to Mastery Manager, teachers can now upload a PDF version of a test or quiz and have it displayed alongside their Answer-key assessment.  What does that look like?  Behold...

virtual pdf


Using this feature gives you the flexibility to do two different things.  First, you can convert any old assessments that you have into PDF's (easy step by step guide found here) and upload them to Mastery Manager to use.  That beats retyping all of those questions and answers into the system by hand!  Second, if you do not feel that you need each question to exist on its own in a Mastery Manager item bank, you can create new assessments in Word, convert them to PDFs, and upload them for use as Mastery Manager assessments.

To upload a PDF to create a virtual online assessment:

  1. Click the Choose File button under the PDF Document section from the Online Tab of your Answer-Key only assessment.

  2. choosefile

  3. Browse for the PDF document on the computer.  Click the Save button.

  4. pdfopen

For more detailed directions, sign into Mastery Manager and then click this link!

If you need any assistance with this process, please contact your district instructional technology coach!

Sean Mullins | District Instructional Technology Coach

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