Feb 19, 2015

LucidPress: Newsletters, Flyers, Brochures, and more!

If you are looking for a web based alternative to Microsoft Publisher, look no further than the incredibly feature rich Lucidpress!  From magazine articles, flyers, and newsletters, to photo/video “books”, reports, and brochures, postcards and business cards; Lucidpress has you covered.  They also have beautiful templates that can be used when you want to focus less on the process and more on the content.
Take the one below for example.  This is embedded into the webpage (click on the pop-out icon in the lower right hand corner to get a more clear and immersive view of the flyer), but could also be viewed via a link.  Like this!  If you missed the little “shimmy” that the lettering on the right does, that indicates that you can scroll down on that side of the flyer.
To add Lucidchart to your Google Drive, follow the exact same steps outlined in the Lucidchart post.  Once you’re up and running, your Lucidpress files will be stored automatically in your Google Drive account.  You can also export PDF or image versions of your products to your Google Drive account.
This tool can have obvious uses for student projects, but I am equally interested to see what our teachers can create withe Lucidpress to supplement the variety of tasks that we do on a day to day basis.  How about a photobook about an activity that your class did that would be visible to parents?  Create a virtual flyer for an upcoming science fair and push the link out through Skyward Family Access?  I cannot way to see what you come up with!
Sean Mullins | District Instructional Technology Coach

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