Feb 10, 2015

New Question Types: Matching, Ordering, and Scribble

Let's be honest, not having a matching question option in Mastery Manger was silly.  Well, they have finally come through with not only matching, but two other new question types as well; ordering and scribble.  To add any of these new question types to your assessments, simply select the appropriate question type when creating new questions in an item bank.  Let's take a look at each of these and see what they offer.


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The way that Mastery Manager handles a matching question is to arrange the options and their counterparts into two columns.  The column on the left allows for each option to be moved up or down in the list (identifiable by the arrows next to the option).  The column on the right is static.  In order to answer these questions, the student drags the items in the left column to match the correct order of the items in the right column.  Not exactly how most teachers think about matching questions, but it works all the same.  As you can see above, this process gets a bit more complicated if you want to add images to your matching options due to the image sizes creating a very long page.  It is more practical to use text in both columns.  Note that there is default help text that is added to the question to help remind students of what they are supposed to do to answer the question.


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The ordering question is similar to the matching style, only with one column instead of two.  Here, you simply create a list of items (images work as well) that need to be placed in a specific order.  The arrows indicate to students that these options can be moved up or down in the list.  Note that help text is provided automatically here as well.


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The last, and most novel question type that they added, is called scribble.  This is a performance event type question, which means that the answers will need to be graded by hand after students submit their work.  With this question, you provide your students a space to "scribble", or draw out their answers to questions.  Mastery Manager provides a few default options for what the scribble area looks like (notebook paper, graph paper, blank), or you can upload an image of your own.  This opens up many creative question opportunities, and I cannot wait to see what some of you come up with!  Note: Scribble appears to require HTML 5.  If the drawing feature is not working, have students switch to a different browser.  As of the publishing of this article, IE 11 and Firefox were working, and Chrome was not.

If you would like any guidance on incorporating these questions into your classroom or common assessments, do not hesitate to contact your district instructional technology coach!

Sean Mullins | District Instructional Technology Coach

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